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Terms and Conditions Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

It is the responsibility of each participant to provide their own insurance for the relevant activity, and to read and understand the following requirements governing payments, refunds and insurance. By signing up for any activity, making any payment, or scheduling an activity, participants agree to the following conditions and terms.

Payment for an Activity:

Payment for every activity is due in full 30 days before the date of that activity. All deposits are due 30 days before the activity date, with the remaining balance due 14 days before the activity date. The act of making any deposit serves as a binding agreement by the client of their contractual obligation to pay the remaining balance in full. *NOTE: If any potential participant schedules an activity, yet fails to submit payment in full according to the above schedule, we reserve the right to cancel that participant’s activity at any time, with full payment remaining as a legal and binding debt. 

If we cancel an activity, due to weather or other conditions adjudged to be inappropriate for any other reason, then we will either suggest an alternate activity or date, or make a refund equal to 90% of the payment made. We reserve the right to cancel any client’s participation in an activity due to a late full or partial payment, without any refund, obligation or alternative activity or date offered.

Cancellation by Participant(s):

Clients are entitled to 100% of any payment made (according to the schedule stated above), if they request to cancel participation in writing more than 45 days prior to the start date of the activity; 90% of any payment made if requested in writing 30 days prior to an activity; 70% made 21 days prior to an activity; and 30% of any payment made 14 days prior to an activity. No payment amount will be refunded for any participant cancellation made for any reason within 14 days of an activity. Any client having made a payment for an activity, but not participating in that activity for any reason, has 30 days from the posted activity date to request any funds paid and due under the above-stated reimbursement schedule. After that time, all potential payments, refunds or credits requested by the client will be forfeit.

Regarding Exceptional Cancellations by Participants:

Upon written request, we will issue a proof of payment received from a participant, if they wish to submit this to their insurance provider for possible reimbursement due to an emergency cancellation. Insurance covering emergency medical cancellations and travel disruptions, etc. do occur occasionally, and if a participant is insured against such situations, they may wish to submit a receipt, along with their proof of medical or travel emergency, to their provider to see if their coverage allows reimbursement. This is solely up to the participant and their insurance provider.

Participant Insurance:

Without exception, it is necessary for every participant to be fully insured against any possible rescue, repatriation, accident, injury, liability or death resulting from participating in any activity, as well as travel to and from any location of such activity. If any participant cannot provide proof of such insurance prior to participation in an activity, we reserve the right to cancel that client’s participation without refund or reimbursement of any kind.