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Corporate Outings & Programmes

Since 1981 we have been conducting corporate programmes and events specifically designed and tailored to the needs of our clients. We enjoy the trust of Fortune 500 companies and professional organizations to conduct their hikes, mountain climbs, snowshoe events, off-site meetings and safety presentations every year. We have formulated and conducted such programmes for a wide variety of groups, from legal/judicial staffs, humanitarian field workers, corporate management staff members, strategic alliance partners, special education/needs groups and others.

The interests of organizations, willing to invest in experiential education methods and motivational outings/events are foremost in our planning; we strive to assure the design of each programme is customized to meet specific goals and challenges. Having worked with a wide variety of organizations, both for- and non-profit, engaged in diverse concerns such as humanitarian work as well as global business ventures, we believe it is our mission to understand, interpret and expand each particular group’s needs, enabling us to work for and with our clients to accomplish a particular goal or address specific issues. We have successfully fostered interactive programmes designed to enhance cooperation among working colleagues, promote communication skills, advance teamwork and encourage idea development.Aletsch-WEF-Aug2015Whether your group needs to confront particular challenges or just needs a well deserved break, we can help you decide how that should be approached and then make it happen in a professional and positive manner. We will be happy to discuss some of the events we have arranged and let you see what our clients have thought of the results. Let us know how we can help you to make your organization more effective and committed to your mission and  goals.


“I heard so many positive reactions about the (4000m mountain) climb that I was even more sorry not to have joined you! Also I was told that you did a great job and showed true leadership. Thanks again”.

Professor Klaus Schwab, Founder and Chairman of the World Economic Forum


*NOTE: Participation or scheduling of any activity is conducted according to our Terms and Conditions. It is the responsibility of any participant, client or legal guardian to read and accept these Terms and Conditions, listed as a heading on our Home Page.