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We recommend the following vendors, businesses, environmental organisations and information sources to help our clients’ address their needs. Please tell them that we sent you –


The Xerces Society

Please look into the Xerces Society, a nonprofit organization that protects wildlife through the conservation of invertebrates and their habitat. We support Xerces due to the society’s work to help protect the rapidly diminishing bee population, which serves to pollinate 70% of our food, and is responsible for up to 90% of the world’s nourishment. For over forty years, the Society has been at the forefront of invertebrate protection worldwide, harnessing the knowledge of scientists and the enthusiasm of citizens to implement conservation programs. Please visit their website and join:

Custom Ski Builder

Rabbit on the Roof – Handmade custom designed skis for freeriding, x-country, backcountry and randonnee. These are outstanding skis of  high-quality craftsmanship, care and the best materials, built here in the Chamonix Valley. Check out their website at:

Transportation to and from Chamonix

The folks at Geneva Airport Transfers will do anything possible to get you where you need to be at the best price possible. Mike and Marian have a ‘can-do’ attitude.

Sporting Goods and Outfitter Stores

In Chamonix and Argentiere:

Snell Sports  –  In the centre of CHX. Knowledgeable and friendly staff, full range of clothing and technical gear for climbing, skiing, etc. Their Manager is Jean-Marc, another ‘can-do’ guy, who also helps support the EON Charity. Check them out.

Tel: 04 50 53 02 17


Sportech – In the centre of Argentiere, this is a family run business. The owner is Jean-Mi, who is one of the best ski-fitting and preparation people in the industry, having worked with pro ski teams for years.

Stamos Sports – In Argentiere near the train station. Good staff and good gear.


In Geneva:

Cactus Sports  –  The owner, Bernard Weitlisbach, is a great guy, superb rock climber and author of the most authoritative guide book to the Salve climbing areas.  The most pro climbing gear shop in Geneva, with a knowledgeable staff and all technical gear and clothing.

4, route de Pont-Neuf;   1227 Carouge

Tel.: 022.300.3001

High-quality Clothing in Chamonix

It’s Patagonia – What else can we say….  The best quality clothing and the best customer care in the industry – period. A sponsor of ours for +20 years and still making great gear.

Restaurants in Chamonix and Argentiere

The Office Bar – In the centre of Argentiere. Good atmosphere, food and the best hangout in the area. The owner is Dave, a happy ex-pat Brit fellow who welcomes everyone. Check them out.

Tel: +33.450.541.546.

Annapurna Restaurant – In Chamonix near the southern end of town.  Excellent food, curries, all made from scratch. One of the best eating experiences in the Valley.

Tel: +33.450.558.139

Places to Stay in Chamonix

All of these hotels have received high ratings from our clients, for good price/value, hospitality and courteous service.

Hotel Dahu (Argentiere):

Hotel de l’Arve:

Hotel Oustalet:

Hotels in Cogne Italy

La Petit Dahu:

Hotel Bouton d’Or:

Places to Stay in Kathmandu

We highly recommend the Hotel Tibet in Kathmandu. It is professionally run, reasonably priced and the Staff there is both friendly and very accommodating. All of our clients and guests that we have sent there have been very pleased and offered compliments regarding their stay. We will be happy to make your reservations for you – just ask.

Hotel Tibet:


Telephone: +977 1 442 9085

Learning Aids

See our website Learning Aids section to learn about many aspects of climbing and equipment. Other good sources are:

Grog’s Knots is an excellent, interactive website demonstrating the correct way to tie knots. This link takes you directly to the Climbing Knots page, so refresh your memory….

Knot Break Strength vs. Rope Break Strength:



In our Learning Aids section you will learn everything that is necessary to know about Sunscreen Facts. We learned from scientific studies that 80% of sunscreens do not protect as advertised, and that makers of these products either falsify or exaggerated their claims. MNGS then did more research to determine which unbiased scientific studies could help us find the best products that honestly offer true sun protection. For that reason, on4000m – 8000m peaks, treks and all of our outdoor activities the MNGS staff members now use only Maui Natural Organics sunscreen products. This maker was singled out as one of a small number of sunscreen producers whose products can be trusted to work. Check out their website below, and feel free to ask any our Staff where to buy these fine products.

Climbing Nutrition

Nutrition for Climbers  was written by one of the finest rock climbers in America. She was the first woman to lead The Naked Edge route in Boulder Canyon with Lynn Hill seconding (before she was a household name). Beth has climbed some of the finest hard routes all over the world and been featured in numerous climbing films and videos. She is a micro-biologist and professor, a truly fine person, a climbing partner and friend who knows her subject matter. Read, learn, cook, eat, enjoy and train all at once!

Nutrition for Climbers (How to Rock Climb Series)  – Beth Bennett / Paperback / Published 1998

Sports Companies to Avoid

Suunto Watches

Recently the Suunto company, who has been so wildly successful that they apparently lost thier minds trying to make even more profits, cut off many of their loyal clients who have been using their watches for decades. Suunto thought it would be a great idea to force all clients who have been loyally using Suunto and the free Movescount site to track all activities, to lose all access to updating that information or continuing to add activities. Now Suunto says everyone MUST use the new Suunto App instead. But the problems are: 1) you MUST own one of the newest iPhones or you cannot even download the Suunto App; 2) you CANNOT use the Suunto App on anything but a phone (not a computer, where it is available for evaluation and research; and 3) in converstions with Suunto reps, they blatantly admitted that they know they screwed their customers and said basically ‘that’s just tough’….  Well we have been using Suunto for decades, staffed many of our +140 member team in Europe and Asia with Suunto watches, and are now forced to change to another manufacturer. DO NOT trust Suunto – we spent +10 years being loyal to their leaky, non-water resistent Ambit watches, and stuck with them anyway. Now they are overpriced, with the worst customer service we have ever experienced. Do yourself a favour and talk to us about better alternatives.