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The methods of mountaineering are numerous and can be complex, so we make sure each individual learns and masters the techniques relevant to their level, experience and goals. According to a client’s experience and aspirations, we apply a relevant course curriculum designed to suit the fitness, previous learning and goals of the individual climber. Some clients wish to learn proper glacier travel techniques and safety, while others want to learn technical mountaineering skills, etc. We will help you decide what is best for you and progress rapidly toward proficiency.

Expedition Preparation is one of our most important goals for serious mountaineering clients. Whether you wish to summit 4000m peaks or become a participant in one of our numerous Himalayan expeditions, we can provide you with all of the necessary instruction, equipment selection and physical preparation to bring your goals within reach, safely and intelligently. Every season we guide successful expeditions to the highest mountains in the world, and we provide every client with the same applied preparation that you can expect on any 4000, 6000 or 8000m peak. From the basics to advanced mountaineering skills, you will learn and master everything needed to be a competent climber and team member.

Mountaineering clients are taught the following skills via field sessions and hands-on practice:

  • Common mistakes and avoidance of accidents in mountaineering
  • Proper equipment design, selection and preparation for mountaineering and glacier travel
  • Basic climbing skills necessary for mountaineering on technical and non-technical terrain
  • Choices and best methods of rope team movement, individual responsibilities, route selection for glaciers, self-rescue/partner protection, accident avoidance, applicable climbing techniques
  • Types of gear and appropriate use of pickets, flukes, bollards, ‘deadmen’, ice screws, improvised anchor gear and techniques
  • Anchor selection, construction methods on snow, rock and ice, and strength/force evaluation
  • Belaying methods: anchor choices, load and mechanical advantage system determination and testing

Rescue Systems relevant to mountaineering are covered as time allows, and includes:

  • Situation management and approach to rescue situations
  • Awareness of and ability to perform various rescue techniques, including self-rescue and partner-rescue
  • Friction knot application, prussiking and ascending devices
  • Escaping from a loaded rope and/or belay
  • Crevasse rescue skills, including compound/complex 3:1, 5:1, 7:1 mechanical advantage systems

Costs: 175 to 350€/day (according to number of participants and level); Private Courses on request.



4000m Peak Climbs in Europe and Himalayan Expeditions:

We can provide qualified guides in the European Alp peaks of Italy, Switzerland and France regularly – just ask for prices/dates.

Himalayan Expedition Climbs are the goal of all mountaineers. Each season we guide Everest, Makalu, Manaslu, Ama Dablam, Baruntse, Cho Oyu, Shishipangma, and 17 other peaks. These are full service climbs of the highest quality, gained from +38 years of expedition experience with the best guides and equipment. April-May and October-November are high season. Ask for details and prices.



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