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Education for Orphans of Nepal Charity


 As we daily pass through the small villages in Nepal while guiding cultural hikes, base camp treks or approaches to high altitude Himalayan mountain climbs, we are wonderfully intertwined with the local people, many of whom are children. In 2001, mountain guides / Managing Directors, Ang Kami Sherpa and Roger Fleming, discovered that many of these children were actually orphans. With some research, we also learned a startling fact: the tourist ‘Mecca’ of Nepal is home to nearly one million orphans out of a population of about 26 million. When we became aware of this we decided to help these children gain a chance for a better future.

Soon thereafter a homeless orphan in a dire situation was brought to our attention, so Ang Kami took this child to Kathmandu, enrolled her in a good boarding school and committed to supporting her until she graduated with a Nepalese high school diploma. Since that time EON has helped other orphaned children by supporting them in the same manner, out of our company profits. In Nepal about 85% of accredited schools are located in the largest cities, so education is not easily available to rural children, and orphans certainly have no such opportunities at all.

Today, our donors support +75 children full-time, funding their schooling, room and board, clothing and supplies. We often take them into staff members’ homes during holidays, in essence becoming their extended families, offering not just monetary support but the more important emotional and spiritual support we all need in life. We further realized that if our clients and friends learned about these children, some would wish to participate in this charitable work. Now, thanks to our generous patrons and supporters, the Education for Orphans of Nepal® charity has been legally registered and is helping to empower orphan children as they study, obtain an education and change their futures. To this end EON was designed and operates:

  1. To be a simple and completely transparent charity that anyone can contribute to at any level, while being assured that 100% of donated funds go directly to the children.
  2. To be precise in all legal obligations as a charity. EON has its own bank account, a Board that meets regularly and takes care of day-to-day requirements of the charity.  Contributions from EON donors go to pay boarding school fees, educational supplies and the children’s’ clothing.
  3. To guarantee EON remains a self-sustaining, transparent charity so those wishing to contribute will be assured their donation is neither diluted nor used for any expenses except for the ones listed above.

Currently the expenses for each child averages about 1300€ per year. According to the age of an orphan when we take responsibility for them, we commit to funding their complete education, whether that takes ten years or less. Every donation is very much needed and appreciated. If you wish to be part of this effort or know others who would, we will supply you with any information you require. All donations are tax-deductible, and EON issues a writtten receipt and copy of the EON charity registration to contributors for their tax records. We believe there are few things more important in life than an education, and there is nothing more important than our children. We thank everyone for taking the time to learn more about these wonderful children and this worthy cause. You can read articles on the effort to raise awareness about EON at the American Alpine Club Journal and The GoodTimes News:

These children cannot do it without you.