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Snowshoeing Outings Snowshoeing Outings

Snowshoeing Outings

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Avalanche Awareness Snowshoeing Outings

Each Winter, we offer regular Snowshoeing Outings for every fitness and experience level. We keep our walks easy but fun and adventurous, as we track animals and learn about the way they live, feed, reproduce and shelter themselves in the harsh alpine environment. More importantly, these hikes teach safe travel in avalanche terrain. 

On these unique outings we teach our clients how to:

– dress appropriately and avoid common mistakes preparing for cold environments, including clothing design/function and choice, and wise purchase options

– what to carry in the winter backcountry and why: the basic gear you should always have

– how to avoid hidden ‘Terrain Traps’ that can be dangerous in snow covered environments

– how to safely move about in deep snow and areas of potential avalanche activity

– how to identify animals by tracks and the clues to their behaviours

– how to stay warm and comfortable in even the harshest Winter conditions

All snowshoeing outings leaders teach you about avalanche avoidance, while we track bouquetin (ibex), chamois, fox, ermine, martens, badgers, spot eagles and identify track patterns of animals either hunting or being pursued by predators.

We also teach you about Winter conditions which can influence your ability to travel safely in the backcountry. Participants learn about avalanche formation, areas to avoid and how to read the natural signs of potential danger when off-piste. 

These snowshoe day hikes are an easy, effective way to learn the basics of avalanche avoidance and have fun at the same time. Outings are open to individual participation, but we also arrange outings for groups, families and clubs with unique requirements. We keep these groups small (-10 people) to guarantee safety and an enjoyable day, while fostering the learning process.

Cost: 50€/person. Private and family outings offered; contact us for bookings & group pricing. 


“When I heard about snowshoeing, I didn’t think it was adventurous…
but I was wrong! It was adventurous and I really enjoyed. Today I saw signs of avalanches and was surprised that it happens so often. If you have an avalanche course or another snowshoe hike, I would like to know. Thank you for guiding us today.”

K. Tsunematsu regarding their snowshoeing outing

“What really touched me was feeling safe and cared for, and being able to trust someone who took the entire responsibility for our safety. Thank you.”

E.Espoleta regarding their snowshoeing outing

“I just wanted to say thanks again for a fabulous day on Sunday! I really enjoyed the snowshoeing. It is great to be able to go on an outing like that and learn something as well. I enjoyed learning about the awesome winter playground you are so lucky to call home! I am definitely looking forward to going ice climbing in February.”

J. Dreiss regarding their snowshoeing outing


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